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25-øre coin

Frequently asked questions about the abolition of the 25-øre coin as of 1 October 2008 and 1 October 2011.

Picture of the 25-øre coin
From 1 October 2008, the 25-øre coin was no longer legal tender. Until 1 October 2011 exchange of the coin was possible in banks, savings banks and in Danmarks Nationalbank. This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about the abolition of the coin.

Why is the 25-øre coin taken out of circulation?
Studies had shown that the 25-øre coin no longer had self-supporting purchasing power.

How many 25-øre coins are there in circulation?
As of July 2011 there were approximately 344 million 25-øre coins of bronze in circulation.

Will the abolition of the 25-øre coin affect rounding rules?
With the abolition of the 25-øre coin, new rounding rules will apply to cash payments from 1 October 2008. Only the total amount is rounded – not the price of each article. For electronic payments (Dankort, Internet banking, etc.) the exact amount is still payable, e.g. kr. 405.85.

What are the new rounding rules?
From 1 October 2008, amounts ending in .01 to .24 are to be rounded down to the nearest whole krone. Amounts ending in .25 to .74 are to be rounded to .50, and finally amounts ending in .75 to .99 are to be rounded up to the nearest whole krone. The rounding rules apply to cash payments ONLY.

Rounding of amounts in øre.  Applies to cash payments from 1 October 2008

Will the abolition of the 25-øre coin lead to higher prices?
Previous experience from Denmark, Sweden and Norway shows that taking small coins out of circulation does not lead to higher prices (inflation).

When was a coin last removed from circulation?
The Danish coin series was last changed in 1989, when the 5-øre and 10-øre coins were abolished. At the same time the entire coin series was redesigned and new values introduced.

Technical specifications
The 25-øre coin is of tin bronze. The coin has a diameter of 17.5 mm, weighs 2.8 gram, a thickness of 1,55 mm and has a smooth rim.

Last update: 03/19/2014

The 25-øre coin was put into circulation on 29 January 1991.
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