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Danmarks Nationalbank's lending survey

Danmarks Nationalbank carries out and publishes a quarterly qualitative survey of the largest banks and mortgage banks' lending to corporations and households.

The lending survey is carried out as a questionnaire survey, in which credit managers of the participating institutions state changes in supply of and demand for lending as well as conditions for loans in the last quarter and expected changes for the coming quarter. The results contribute to a better understanding of the Danish credit market, e.g. by following changes in the institutes' credit policies and the reasons behind. The survey supplements the existing quantitative statistics on the MFI sector's lending and interest rates.

The survey comprises the largest banks, i.e. groups 1 and 2 of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, as well as the five largest mortgage banks (Nykredit Realkredit, Realkredit Danmark, Nordea Kredit, BRFkredit and DLR Kredit). The population is adjusted once a year prior to the survey for 2nd quarter.

Danmarks Nationalbank's lending survey is carried out as from 4th quarter 2008.

The NYT publication contains the latest published data. All data can be found in the statistics database (see Statistics -> Publications and predefined downloads). For more details, see Sources and methodologies, as well as facts about Danmarks Nationalbank's lending survey and press release.

The lending survey is published at 9.00 a.m. on the 8th banking day in January, April, July and October.

Last update: 03/24/2014

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